Spilt Milk. FORT, London. 2013 (solo).

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Images 1-5:
Chocolate Horizon Line, 2013. Chocolate.

Images 6-7:
Signal, 2012. Needle, thread from the button that fell from your coat, dipped in perfume.

Images 8-9:
A grapefruit asleep on a Casio keyboard (3 min Pop Song version, looped), 2013. Sound, speaker.

Images 10-12:
White Flag, 2013. Towel, hair, skin, outside influences.

Images 13-13a:
Flowers, 2013. A4 photocopies of a detail of Sissy Spacek's head scarf in 'Badlands'.

Image 14:
Lazy Jesus (white version), 2013. Lights, hook.

Images 15-16:
Sculpture for Birds, 2013. Scent dispenser omitting a burst of Lemon Zest and other varieties, at regular 15 minute intervals.

all photos by Mike Taylor
flyer by Rob Eagle

Detail Keyboard, 2013 Keyboard, 2013 Interior View